Why Do You Get Hip Bursitis?

The hip bursitis is caused by the inflammation of the bursa that is located between the hip bones and tendons. The bursa is a small sack of fluids that is meant to make sure that the bones and the tendons will not rub to one another. There are 4 bursas located in the hip area and each one of them can become inflamed and cause hip bursitis. They are all located near the main joints and adjacent to the tendons in the area of the hip.

The bursa can be inflamed by a fracture of the bones that are near it or by doing the same physical activities, which are pressuring the hips, over and over again. Example of such activities is running, climbing stairs or hills and bicycling. The bursa inflammation in the hips or hip bursitis may appear also to people, who have problems with the weight, because the overweight is increasing the pressure on the hips. Another possible reason for the hip bursitis to appear is after a surgical intervention on the area of the hips. Such intervention is like for example a hip joint replacement. There is a certain risk that if fall on one of the sides of your body, you may get hip bursitis as a result. Hip bursitis generally causes pain, stiffness and aching. Pain is different that depends on type of the hip bursitis that you have.

Pain can be over outside of hip & thigh. Pain can be in buttock & later move in your hip. Pain can also be in just one side of groin with a few milder pain in opposite hip. Pressing on the hip and turning your hip & leg inward when you flex hip might make pain worse. Pain can be worse while getting up from the deep chair and getting out of car. You might have some trouble sleeping as this pain can be worse during night. Pressing on the groin might make your pain worse. Your hip might feel stiff as well as not be capable of move and before. You might hear “pop” and “snap” when you flex and pull your leg up side down. Walking up the stairs can be harder to do for you at this stage. Proper exercise is required and you need to take advice from your doctor before doing any exercise